Essential Asset Management, LLC   

Investing In Your Priorities

We are an independent financial advisory firm that always puts your financial interests first. We are compensated with fees like other professionals you depend on for specialized advice and services.
Our passion is helping local families achieve financial security for their retirement years. We also provide specialized advice and services to women and others who are impacted by sudden wealth.
We provide tailored financial advice and services that are based on your specific goals, concerns, and requirements - we do not recommend cookie-cutter solutions. 

Steve Daglio and Betsy Vallone are also licensed insurance professional.  The implementation of insurance recommendations are separate and apart from their roles with Bay Colony Advisors. As insurance professionals, Mr. Daglio and Ms. Vallone may receive customary commissions and other related revenues from the various insurance companies whose products are sold.  Commissions generated by insurance sales do not offset regular advisory fees.  This may cause a conflict of interest in recommending certain products of the insurance companies.  Clients are under no obligation to implement any recommendation made by Mr. Daglio or Ms. Vallone.