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Retirement Planning

Steve and Betsy have both spent several years of their financial careers meeting with working individuals from a multitude of professional backgrounds, all looking to accomplish financial wellbeing and the ultimate goal of retiring comfortably. This experience has equipped them with an in depth understanding of the various and often complex retirement planning needs of their clients.

Here is a list of many retirement planning topics they covers with clients:

  • Minimum Required Distributions
  • Retirement Planning Calculations ( ensuring clients are on track for retirement)
  • Income Generating Strategies
  • Evaluating 401K, 403B, and other employer sponsored plan options
  • Rollover and Stretch IRA features and purpose
  • Tax Defferred Investments ( once Retirement Plans are maxed out )
  • NUA Strategy ( Net Unrealized Appreciation)
  • Maximizing Social Security Benefits
  • Portfolio Risk Management in retirement phase

Through regular collaboration with estate planning specialists and tax advisors, Essential creates a comprehensive and well rounded retirement strategy that caters to each retiree's individual income needs. Please email us if you'd like to learn more about setting up a retirement evaluation.

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